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Township Tours

A Township Tour should be part of any visit to South Africa.

Township Tours provide a connection to the culture and daily lives of the majority of South Africans. In addition, properly designed tours offer you the opportunity to contribute to educational programs and income-generating projects that benefit those who most need it… in the authentic context of the communities in which they live.

eKhaya eKasi Art & Education Center welcomes visitors interested in:

  • seeing the beauty of authentic South African art and handcrafts
  • purchasing artwork to take home, giving you a lasting memory of your visit while supporting the income of a working artist
  • tasting authentic local cuisine
  • witnessing educational and skills training projects designed to help people to help themselves

There are two ways to visit eKhaya eKasi as part of your Township Tour:

  • We can provide transportation to eKhaya eKasi, and include other township destinations for your tour, as well, according to your interests.
  • If you have your own guide, request that he or she make a stop at eKhaya eKasi. It’s best if you or your guide contacts us in advance to alert us of your planned arrival time. You can also use the booking form on our contact page.

We don’t recommend that you travel to the townships if you do not have previous experience in navigating them. However, if you do plan to come with your own vehicle, please contact us for detailed directions and advice.

We look forward to seeing you!

If you wish to add more depth to your visit, consider spending a night at eKhaya eKasi’s Bed & Breakfast.