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Help Us

You can help South African women & children!

eKhaya eKasi Art & Education Center welcomes you to our family. We invite you to make a contribution to support programs that benefit South African women and children. There are many meaningful ways to contribute:

If you are planning your visit to South Africa, contact us about bringing some items in your luggage, including:

  • Infant black dolls (no Barbies or Bratz, please, due to body image issues).
  • Multicultural children’s books
  • Art supplies (washable coloring markers, pencils, etc.)
  • Reading eyeglasses
  • Jazz CD’s (for our JAZZ Tea Shop)

If are already in South Africa or have already visited eKhaya eKasi, consider one of the following:

  • Making a financial contribution to our nonprofit organization
  • Hosting a South African art fundraiser sale in your home country
  • Arranging for your business to sponsor one of eKhaya eKasi’s programs
  • Donating frequent flyer/airline miles to our overseas volunteer program
  • Donating an item on eKhaya eKasi’s wish list (contact us for details)
  • Assisting our international efforts with your professional expertise

Feel free to email us with any suggestions not listed above. We welcome creative ideas and continuously seek ways to form collaborative relationships with individuals, businesses and organizations.

Thank you for joining the eKhaya eKasi & Art Aids Art family!